A Software engineer by Profession but a photographer at heart, who loves spending his spare time shooting and preserving all that this world has to offer, through his lenses.

Often people tend to ask me the question “when do YOU have spare time?”   A fair question as I run down a daily list of to do’s that include running to office, dealing with multiple projects  and coming home at wee hours of the night.

But, when does anyone have spare time?   We are all consumed by our own daily events.  How do others manage it?

I don’t prescribe to the ‘I can have it all philosophy’, because something usually suffers for something else.  But, I think we must steal some time—and I will call it spare if I want—to keep from poking some irritating ass in the eye with a sharp stick.

I like taking up assignments on portfolio shoot, Pre bridal, baby photo shoot and other similar assignments.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any events that you would like me to cover for you.

Mail : neel.yasac@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9916436072


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